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Backyard AVENGER™ - Theory of Operation

The patented Backyard AVENGER™ utilizes a number of design features to attract and subsequently kill target insects. Heat, moisture, chemical attractant, color, rhythmic release of the chemical cues are all incorporated into the unit. Chemical attractants can be changed to target specific insect types.

The Backyard AVENGER™ uses computer designed power electronics to control the temperature and the rhythmic release of the chemical cues. The chemical attractants can be varied depending on the target insect to be controlled.

Insects will detect the chemical cues from great distances and be drawn to the source. Those using chemical cues will find the “source” behind the killing zone. Naturally, they will fly to the “source” through the killing grid and fall into the insect container. Garbage Flies (house flies) and yellow jackets are common pests which can be targeted using commercially available attractants or even food stuffs commonly available in the home.

Since the Backyard AVENGER™ has precision thermal control and the ability to use and disperse carbon dioxide (CO2), the unit is irresistable to blood seeking insects like female mosquitoes. Not only does the unit mimic the thermal patterns created by warm blooded mammals, but its rythmic release of CO2 and other attractants mimics the breathing of warm blooded mammals. Research has shown that periodic release of CO2 produces much a better attraction to female mosquitoes than does a steady release of CO2 like that is produced by mosquito traps that burn propane to create the CO2.

The rate at which the CO2 flows into the unit is determined by a user adjustable needle valve located at the top of the unit. It is set at the factory for a release rate of 500 ml/min but could be increased up to>4,000 ml/min (flow rate limited by the pressure and restrictions of the gas flow path between the CO2 tank and internal solenoid valve). Arguably, increasing the amount of CO2 will increase the coverage area of the unit.


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