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"We weren't particularly interested in mosquitoes (although they are a problem at times).  We raise horses and as you know, anytime you have animals, you have a "filth fly" problem.  We had used the baited "stink" bottles and they were effective until they filled up.  At that point, you had an effective attractant for the flies but now where for them to die.  Of course, if you didn't get rid of the bottle, then you would also have the disgusting sight of maggots in the container.  With the Backyard Avenger, we put the same attractant that we used for the bottles in the evaporation container.  We were taking flies out of commission by the "hands full" a day!  Somehow we get satisfaction from listening to the flies meet their doom and the unit let's us know that it is working.  We didn't get that kind of feedback from the bottles unless you went out and looked at the gross container and compared the changing levels in the bottle."

Shawn and Amy - Killdeer, ND

"Mosquitoes are horrible here in Wisconsin, especially when your house neighbors a wetland.  We had been using the UV bug zappers for years.  As a matter of fact, we have two:  the biggest one they make and a regular size one.  Both of them work fantastically as they would zap all night long!  In the mornings, I would have to clean out the grids for another night. 

We were debating on buying a Mosquito Magnet just to try and get ahead on these mosquitoes when we got a hold of the Backyard AVENGER.  Every night we consistently got about a 1/4 of a sandwich bag full of female mosquitoes.  We were amazed!  We left the unit running all day because the mosquitoes didn't seem to care too much what time it was in our yard. We also noticed that we were catching horse flies and deer flies.  While these never seemed to be a major pest in our yard, I considered their dead bodies an added benefit of the unit.

Out of curiosity, I wanted to know how many female mosquitoes that the biggest UV bug zapper was catching during the same time period.  I saved a night's catch (almost a full sandwich bag), and I discovered that out of all those bugs, there were only 9 female mosquitoes!  I now have two UV security lights (ha ha)  and a Backyard Avenger."

Kelly  -  Wisconsin

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