The revolutionary new product from Wizard Innovations.

The Problem.

You've invested in your back yard with a deck, patio furniture, a pool, and landscaping only to be kept indoors by the summer insect pests! 

It could be garbage flies staking a claim on the food for the barbecue. It could be yellow jackets claiming rights to your soda. It could be the female mosquitoes seeking a blood donation for their offspring. They are not only annoying (buzzing around your head and landing on your food), they can also be the source of disease or painful stings. 

When the weather is just perfect, there is always one or several of these pests waiting to drive you back inside. Time to get even and reclaim your back yard! 


  • Kill Mosquitoes with the Backyard AVENGER™
      • Increased coverage (variable CO2 Output)
      • Attracts more mosquitoes
      • Mosquitoes are instantly KILLED
      • Reduces your family's risk of West Nile Virus


  • Kill Yellow Jackets with the Backyard AVENGER™
  • Kill Garbage (filth) Flies with the Backyard AVENGER™


The Solution.

Introducing the Backyard AVENGER™. It is the most versatile and effective device for the target killing of the insect pests that bother you most in your back yard activities. 

There are many devices out there to claim your hard earned cash. Some of them are effective. Some of them are worth more in the recycling bin. Some of them look and act like gas grills. Others light up your back yard and crackle all night long only to find out that you have captured every moth in a two block radius of the unit. 

When it comes to mosquito control, the Backyard AVENGER™ will give you more value for your dollar.   This patented technology not only gives you the  mosquito control (without harmful chemicals or pesticide), it also allows the same unit to set up for the target killing of garbage or filth flies. Then, when the season of the year comes around where the mosquitoes wane, the Backyard AVENGER™ can be set up for target killing of yellow jackets and European Wasps.   Since the Backyard AVENGER™ can target kill multiple backyard pests and it's complete cost is just over half of the best unit out there, you get more value for your investment in insect control.

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