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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have seen many news reports that "bug zappers" kill beneficial insects and attract very few of the pests that a consumer wants to rid their yard of. The Backyard AVENGER is a "zapper", how does it differ?
    A: All of the reports that you may have seen are true and are based on the relatively inexpensive insect electrocution device that bases it's attraction on Ultraviolet Light. As such, it will attract those insects that you typically find flying around lights at night. The Backyard AVENGER does its attraction by heat, natural chemical lures, color, and method of release. While there is a "black light" in the unit, its predominate purpose is to generate heat and not light. Furthermore, the incandescent nature of the bulb does not produce enough energy in the Ultra Violet spectrum to be a significant attractant.

  • There are negative advertisements by competitive products regarding the safety of the "zappers" relative to the perception of an  electrocution hazard.  Is the Backyard AVENGER safe in this area?

  • A: From an electrocution risk perspective, the risk is present on all electrical devices that are used (hair dryers, curling irons, lamps, power tools, etc). When operated according to the instructions, the risk is minimal.
  • There are well-advertised propane based units out there for "target killing" of mosquitoes. Are these units more effective than the Backyard AVENGER?

    A: No. The basic attraction principals are the same...CO2, heat, moisture. There are features that the Backyard AVENGER incorporates that are not incorporated in propane based units.
    The first element is the precise temperature control of killing zone. Mosquitoes prefer temperatures on the order of 106 degrees Fahrenheit which correlate to the body temperature of birds (a preferred host). At the lower end of the preference scale are humans at 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit with dogs, horses, and other mammals in between. The Backyard AVENGER has this complete range within the killing zone and only in the killing zone. The propane based units do not regulate the temperature of the killing zone. Due to the propane conversion process, the all of the "attractive heat" is generated away from the killing zone. Mosquitoes get attracted to these units but there is no focused area for them to target.

    The second element is that research has shown that pulsating or rhythmic release of CO2 elicits more responsiveness from a mosquito to "go and investigate" a potential host. The propane-based units emit a continuous stream of CO2, moisture, and heat. The Backyard AVENGER simulates breathing in that there is a rhythmic release of CO2, heat, moisture, and attractant.

    The third element is that the propane-based units have a limited range of attractiveness based on the rate at which the CO2 is released (approximately 500 ml/min) typically on the order of 1 acre. With the Backyard AVENGER, the CO2 release rate is adjustable up to 4,000+ ml/min (that's equivalent to about 16 people sitting on your patio enjoying a barbecue). Of course, the higher the release rate, the more area from which to attract mosquitoes with the side effect of depleting the CO2 tank more quickly. The release rate of 500ml/minute is approximately equivalent to the respiration of two 150lb humans and mosquitoes will be able to detect their presence at about 100 foot radius from the source (no wind).
  • How long does a CO2 tank last?

    A: This is a function of the size of the tank, the CO2 rate, and ambient temperature. The Backyard Avenger comes from the factory set at a rate of 500ml/min. At that rate, a 20lb cylinder will last approximately three weeks running the unit 24 hours per day.
    Most likely, you will only need to run the unit from ½ hour before dusk to ½ hour before dawn as this will be the time that mosquitoes most active. This is easily done by plugging the Backyard AVENGER into a commonly available photo switch or an outdoor timer.

  • Do I need CO2 for target killing of other pests?

    A: No. Only for those insects when use CO2 as a method of locating potential hosts which are typically those that seek blood.

  • How do I target other insects with the Backyard Avenger?

    A: Target insect control happens by using lures which provide irresistible cues to "visit" the killing zone. These lures are placed in the evaporator container with some water and the unit does the rest of the job to disperse. Some lures can attract several target pests. For example, apple juice and molasses will attract both yellow jackets and house flies. Something a bit more odor noxious would be a can of tuna cat food. Of course, other lures that are on the market for these target insects could also be tried (if you happen to find one, please let us know so we can share it with other users)

  • Where do I get a CO2 cylinder to use the Backyard AVENGER for blood-seeking insects?

    A: We recommend using a 20lb CO2 cylinder because is costs as much to refill it as it does a 5lb cylinder. Any welding supply store or beverage supply store will have CO2 tanks for sale or for rent. Rental units are on the order of $0.20 per day. Refilling a 20lb unit ranges from $14-$20 (you can find some places who will refill them for $9.00 or lower. Typically these supply places can sell both new and used tanks and when your tank is empty, you take it in and get it exchanged. They come in aluminum (less weight) and steel. Recommendation: if your supply store will fill your unit verses exchanging it, then get a 20Lb aluminum cylinder with a handle. If exchange is the only option, get a steel one as they are the most common and you will be able to exchange it directly.
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