Target Control of Mosquitoes, Flies, and Yellow Jackets

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Revolutionary New and Patent Pending Bug Zapper for Target Control of Mosquitoes, Flies, and Yellow Jackets. The Backyard Avenger is a magnet to target insects based on any number of user controlled attractants.

This new bug zapper attracts target insects like a magnet! Kill mosquitoes with the power of units costing over a thousand dollars. The same device can be set up to zap and kill the common house fly or yellow jacket.

As a mosquito trap it uses carbon dioxide, moisture, heat, rythmic release (breathing), light, and lactic acid and works effectively for biting insects that seek a warm blooded host. It produces a thermal signature and mimics respiration of a targeted host. It kills blood seeking bugs with carbon dioxide along with other signature cues of warm blooded animals.

As shown on trial tests, the Backyard Avenger produced a significantly greater yield than the Mosquito Magnet Pro (trademark of American Biophysics Corporation). The attraction of the targeted insect is like a magnet to steel. The Backyard Avenger will control the mosquito that carries west niles virus and is a method of effective pest control to exterminate other problem insects.

The Backyard Avenger can target Yellow Jackets by simply using a high carbohydrate and protein mixture found in your grocery store. Commercial attractants may also be used.

The Backyard Avenger can also target garbage flies or filth flies. Again, off the grocery shelf attractant like tuna cat food can be placed in the Backyard Avenger for the target control of these nuisance pests (garbage flies). With this flexibility, the Backyard avenger can target the strong flying insects like yellow jackets and house flies as well as the problematic weak flying insects like mosquitos. The propane based units like the Mosquito Magnet Pro, Freedom, and Liberty (all trademarks of American Biophysics Corporation) are not designed for these strong flying insects because of the weak vacuum or counter flow technology.

This bug zapper is not like the other bug zappers or mosquito zappers on the market. Many articles and news has described the traditional Ultra Violet Light bug zappers as not being effective at killing mosquitoes. This is true. However, the Backyard Avenger does not base its attraction on UV which is why the traditional bug zapper is not effective for target control of insects.

Garbage flies are attracted to the chemical cues emitted by the back yard avenger. The Backyard Avenger is a propane trap alternative for mosquitoes, biting flies, blood seeking insects, mosquito bite insect control backyard avenger yellow jacket control garbage fly control mosquitoes eliminate mosquitoes magnet mosquito carbon dioxide co2 mosquito zapper yellow jacket sting mosquito west niles virus filth flies disease backyard avenger fly magnet yellow jacket magnet mosquito pest free extermination mosquito extermination mosquito facts insect trap mosquito prevention control west nile virus agricultural pest control livestock pest control mosquito trap comparison blood sucking insect control elimination extermination yellow jackets carbon dioxide lactic acid mosquito pesticide free control natural bug zapper magnet mosquito zapper magnet lactic acid attractant carbon dioxide mosquito attractant safe environment garbage flies filth flies versitle target insect control exterminator powerful safe family outdoor use backyard avenger health mosquito disease


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