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Mosquito Magnet® and Other Propane-based Mosquito Trap Owners

If the background population of mosquitoes is high, effective reduction of the population will be proportional to how many are killed in any given time period. More killing power means more killing units!

If you have purchased a propane-based mosquito trap, you can augment the mosquito killing power of your unit with the Backyard AVENGER™ basic unit (unit without accessories to use a CO2 tank). You could also buy a Backyard AVENGER™ with the CO2 accessories and use it indepedently.

Since the propane-based unit is the source of CO2, there is no further requirement for additional CO2. Blood seeking insects will be attracted to the CO2. By placing the Backyard AVENGER™ near the propane-based unit, the female mosquito will have another but more efficient thermal killing target.

Click on the TEST RESULTS in the navigator bar to see what happens with this arrangement!


Mosquito Magnet is a registered trademark of American Biophysics Corp.

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